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The Golden Chariot - Luxury Train Tour 2015.

The Pride of the South Tour



Destinations Covered :-  Bangalore – Kabini/Bandipur - Srirangapatnam - Mysore - Shravanabelagola - Belur - Halebid - Hampi - Badami - Pattadakal - Goa - Bangalore


Pride of the South, a tour package of 7 nights and 8 days, is one of the two journeys offered by Golden Chariot, a premium luxury train inIndia. During the tour, you explore several important destinations and spots of the southern region of the country.

You will visit places such as Bangalore, Mysore, Hassan, Hospet, Badami and Goa.

The itinerary also includes wildlife safari at the Bandipur National Park. For a daily itinerary, please see below.


2015 Departure Dates            

October 19;      November 9th    and    December 7th   and   28th:


2016 Departure Dates            

January 18th;    February 15th;    March 14th:

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world and is often thought of as more of a continent than a country. The subcontinent of India is located in South Asia, between China, Nepal, and Pakistan. It covers 3.3 square kilometres from the snow-capped Himalayas, the world’s highest mountain range, in the north, to the tropical beaches of the India Ocean in the south. It is the 7th largest country in the world with the 2nd largest population – over 1 billion.


With a history dating back 5,000 years, India is home to an amazing array of sacred monuments, ancient ruins, Jain Temples and Buddhist stupas. For thousands of years India has undergone many social and religious invasions and yet is has managed to withstand them all.




It is a land where modern technologies coexist harmoniously with the cultures and traditions of the past. This vast country is an extremely rewarding land to explore and offers something for all types of travellers.



Twin berth cabin on the train.






Day 1:                  Bangalore (Monday)



On arrival Bangalore, check- in at Taj West End. Enjoy high tea along with a briefing about Pride of the South journey aboard the Golden Chariot. Thereafter, take a short trip across the Chitakala Parishad –College of Fine Arts and a special cultural show.


Assemble the Yeshwantpur Railway Station at 2000 hours and enjoy a traditional welcome with a Tikka and Garland. Complete the registration formalities and settle  in your cabins. Later, the train departs for the first destination of the tour, Bandipur.


Dinner and overnight on-board.







Dinner and overnight on-board.




Day 2:                  Mysore Palace  -  Kabini (Tuesday)


Morning pack overnight clothes for Night stay in Jungle Lodge. Depart at 1000 &  drive to visit early 20th Century built Amba Vilas Mysore Palace, whose architecture style is a mix of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput & Gothic structure.




View the Durbar Hall Wing & Personal Art Gallery of former royalty.


Later drive the 2 hrs to Kabini Forest.  Dinner and overnight at the Kabini Jungle Lodge.





Day 3:                  Kabini Jungle Lodge - Mysore (Wednesday)


Morning: Kabini Boat ride & depart for Mysore.

Early morning 0630 transfer topier  for boat ride inKabiniRiverto see crocodiles sunning themselves & many hued birds flitting in & out of the forest’s green canopy.


Return to Jungle Lodge for breakfast. At 0930 to drive back toMysorerailway station (2 hrs) to re-board the train


Afternoon: Mysore sightseeing

After brief rest & lunch, at 1530 for excursion to 18th Century built Srirangapatnam Fort, On a river bank-Which witnessed many a skirmishes between Popular King Tipu sultan & British Colonial rulers. After Visiting Dariya Daulat & Tipu Mausoleum drive back to MysoreTown with free time for shopping. Later enjoy cultural program & dinner in Lalita Mahal Palace, now converted into a 5 Star Hotel.

Return to train by 2200 & train is stationary at Mysore Station for the Night.





Day 4:                  Hassan (Thursday)


Morning: Shravanabelagola Monolith


Early morning train departs from Mysore to Hassan Railway station - at 0900 depart for excursion (1.5 hrs one way) to Shravanabelagola village. Climb 700 steep steps, carved in a stone hillock to view 10th century built statue of Jain Monk Gommateshvara Bahubali an architectural marvel towering 58 feet high. Later, climb down the steep steps to board your bus standing at base of the hillock & drive back to Hassan Railway station to board the train by 1300 for lunch & brief rest. 
NOTE: Guests unwilling to climb the steep steps can stay back on board The Golden Chariot


Afternoon: Belur & Halebidu Temples.


From Hassan Railway Station depart at 1445 for excursion (1.5 hrs one way) to view ancient Hindu temples at Halebedu & Belur. The 12th Century built Belur Temple is dedicated to Hindu God-Lord Vishnu & filled with intricate sculptures of elephants, lions, horses & sensuous dancers. The 12th Century built Halebidu temple complex is dedicated to Hindu God-Lord Shiva, but were ransacked & looted by Muslim Invaders from north India in 14th Century. The outer walls of the temples contain intricate array of stone sculptures.


Return to Hassan Railway station by 1915 for dinner & depart for Hospet.





Day 5:                  Hospet (Friday)


Depart from Hospet Railway station at 0830 for an excursion (30 minutes drive away) to UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi Palace ruins. Located amongst awesome granite boulder-strewn landscape, Hampi was the capital of mighty South Indian Vijayanagar Empire in 14th Century-with opulent palaces, marvellous temples, massive fortifications, private baths for royalty, markets, pavilions & stables for Royal Elephants. The city's merchants traded in diamonds, pearls, fine silks, brocades, horses & much more. Though ransacked by rulers from North Indiain 16th Century, ruins of these historical monuments have withstood the ravages of man & nature, to evoke memories of regal splendour. Return to Hospet Railway Station by 1300 to board the train for lunch & brief rest.






At 1530 proceed for excursion (30 minutes one way) to 16th century built temple complex of Vithala, dedicated to Hindu God-Lord Vishnu. In courtyard of the main temple is a massive Stone Chariot ,after which Golden Chariot train has been named. The stone wheels of the Chariot can be rotated, but have been cemented by authorities to avoid damage. 


One of the most notable features of Vittala temple are the musical pillars. Each of the pillar that support the roof of the main temple is supported by a pillar representing a musical instrument, and is constructed as 7 minor pillars arranged around a main pillar. These 7 pillars, when struck, emanate the 7 notes from the representative instrument, varying in sound quality based on whether it represents a wind, string or percussion instrument. Time free to sit on banks of nearby located Tungabhadra River for sunset view.


Depart at 1800 to return to Hospet Railway Station for Dinner and onward travel.






Day 6:                  Badami (Saturday)


Have an early morning breakfast.

At 0830 depart from Badami Railway station for excursion to UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Badami caves & Pattadkal Temple Complex Carved out of sandstone hills, the 7th century builtBadamiCavetemples are dedicated to Hindu religious sects of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu & Budha and Jain Faiths. Highlight of the cave sculptures is a 18 armed Lord Shiva in Tandav dancing pose. 

The Pattadakal Temple complex, built between 7th to 9th Century offers 10 temples built in fusion of various Indian Architectural Styles. There are numerous Kannada language inscriptions on the temple walls.

Return to Badami Railway Station & depart for Goa, Dinner onboard.



The on-board gym.



Day 7:                  Goa (Sunday)


Train arrives in Goa-Vasco de Gama Railway Station early Morning 0100 At 1000 proceed for sightseeing of UNESCO World Heritage site of Old Goa Churches. Founded in 15th century by Muslim Rulers of Bijapur Sultanate & capital of Portuguese Colonial rulers from early 16th to mid 19th century, town of Old Goa is famous for it's churches affiliated to various congregations, including the Se Cathedral (the seat of the Archbishop of Goa), the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, the Church of S. Caetano, and notably, the Basilica of Bom Jesus which contains the relics of Saint Francis Xavier, Later visit Old Portuguese House & time free for shopping


Afternoon:Goa Beach.

By 1400 reach luxury beach resort for lunch & then time at leisure.

Option to enjoy sea sports activities at extra cost . Depart from Beach Resort at 1730 & drive back to Vasco De Gama Railway Station (about 1 hr) To board the train & depart


Day 8:                  Bangalore (Monday)

Have breakfast on-board the train. Arrive at Bangalore’s Yeshwantpur Railway Station at around 1130 hours. Complete the farewell formalities and de-board the train.

Transfer to the Airport for the flight home.

Or stay for a short time in Bangalore before returning home.



NOTE : Itinerary, Destination & Scheduled time are liable to change without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.