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North-central Mongolia Expedition  6 Days

This tour is a 6 day tour that encompasses the North Central region of Mongolia.  




Day 1:                            Ulaanbaatar

Upon arrival transfer to your hotel and join brief city tour for eyes breaking with Ulaanbaatar city.






Day 2: Kharhorium 380km

Early morning after breakfast drive to Kharhorium, the ancient capital city of Mongol Empire in 13th century. On the way to Kharhorium stop by Elsen Tasarhai for while, enjoy the perfect combination of sand dunes with mountainous and fertile pastures at one place (scenic photo shooting available here). Continue driving to Kharhorium and lunch upon arrival. Kharhorium is famous for its surrounding historical ruins also among them Erdene-Zuu monastery (part of World Heritage Site) is the largest monasteries in Mongolia which destroyed in 1939 and reopened after fall of communism in 1990. Today Erdene-Zuu monastery is open for tourists and again become worship place for Buddhist monks. By visiting the Monastery will let you step back in time also experience whole new Mongolian perspective. Also visit the other historical ruin surrounding Erdene-Zuu. In the evening experience the Mongolian Archery game in Ger camp and overnight in Mongolia traditional Ger (yurt).


Day 3: Arkhangai/tsenher jiguur hot spring 120km

After breakfast drive Thsenher natural Hot Spring. Upon arrival mountain trekking trough surrounding forest and experience the spectacular view. Then have a relaxed natural hot bath in the hot spring water. Optional services are available here such as massage and beauty treatment. Overnight in a ger camp.



Day 4: Lake Ugii 120km

In the morning drive to Lake-Ugii. Explore the spectacular view and countless water birds on horseback and camel. Then you can relax on the shore sun bathing while others experiencing boat trip. Then sightseeing it might be interesting you finding Ancient Turkey ruins in Mongolia. Return to Ger camp and overnight.




Day 5: Bulgan province/uran togoo 200km

Drive to Uran Togoo (erupted volcano). Then have refreshing walking and hiking around the Uran-Togoo will let experience the beauty of nature once again.


Day 6: Amarbayasgalant 300km

Drive to Amarbayasgalant Monastery which is one of the largest monasteries escaped the destruction in 1937. Visit through the monastery and the picturesque surrounding green valley. Then we are back on the horses back again and visit Nomadic family nearby. In the evening on the bonfire party you will experience the Mongolian traditional barbecue (Khorkhog) made by coking pieces of large chunk of meat and vegetables inside a container which also contains hot stones and water. In these party you will share your precious feedback and opinions with our guides.

Day 7: Ulaanbaatar 350km

Drive back to Ulaanbaatar and transfer to your hotel for your refreshment. After while assemble again for little city tour. Visit State of Department Store and other traditional outlets for shopping and buying traditional souvenirs, cashmere and etc. In the evening watch traditional Mongolian folk dance and music performances. Then little night party can be arranged upon request in the Mongolian stunning disco bars. 

Day 8: Departure

Transfer to Airport or railway station













This is a complete itinerary with set dates of travel. It can be combined with other destinations in Mongolia or destinations elsewhere in Asia. 

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